Creative Dance classes  in Louth at The Riverhead Theatre.


There are currently 3 classes and age ranges on a Monday evening:

4:15-5:00pm (45mins)    4-7 years old           £3.50 a class

5:00-6:00pm (60mins)    8-11 years old        £4.50 a class

6:00-7:15pm (75mins)    12-16  years old    £5.50 a class

First Class is Free!



What these classes offer…

• Create Your Own Dances
• Express Yourself
• Learn Dance Techniques
• Take Part In Performances
• Engage Imaginations and Creativity
• Organise Dance Events
• Dance Trips to see professional work
• Be Active
• Increase Confidence
• Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver Arts Awards
(a nationally recognised qualification (QCF)

do-dance classes in Louth ARTSAWARD

With the success of the do-dance’s School Programmes and Workshops in the East Lindsey District, do-dance’s Creative Dance Programme will increase children’s and young people’s access to high quality dance in rural Lincolnshire and is supported by Louth Playgoers.


do-dance’s Creative Dance Classes are supported by Louth Playgoers and the Prince’s Trust. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a drink. Classes are term time and fees are paid at the beginning of each term.


Please contact Sophie  directly to book a place on 07765617143 or email at for more details about Creative Dance Classes in Louth.