I hope you are well and staying safe. Many classes will be resuming from September 2020. Things will be slightly different from before, so I have outlined everything you will need to know for a Covid Secure return to class. Each venue will be slightly different but we will follow these guides below:

1. There are limited numbers for each class, so classes will need to be booked in advance. Please see the section Booking in Advance on how to book your place.
2. Please arrive in good time as there may be a cue to get into the venue.When waiting in the cue please leave 2m between yourself and the person in front.
3. We will be doing Track and Trace so it is important I have up to date contact details for you. If you are new to class you will be required to fill out a registration form.
4. There may be a one way system in place, please follow this system upon your arrival.
5. When entering the venue, there should be hand sanitizing facilities available.
6. Once at the registration/pay desk, you will need to register and pay, please use the correct cash to pay for the class. We encourage you to pay via BACS online before attending the class, using your full name as reference.You may book for the following week’s class when registering.
7. At the registration desk your instructor may take your temperature or ask if you have been feeling unwell, with any symptoms of coronavirus?
8. If you require a chair during the class, please speak to your instructor before the class starts so this can be arranged.
9. There will also be hand sanitizing available at the registration desk.
10. Please then find yourself a 2M Square which will be marked on the floor. Place your belongings, shoes, coats and bags at the side of the room closest to your square.
11. Once everyone has arrived and are in their 2M Squares the class will begin, please be mindful of others throughout the class and try to stay in your box, which will be marked on the floor.
12. It is not mandatory to wear a face covering whilst exercising. 
13. You are welcome to use the toilets but it is 1 person at a time only.
14. Unfortunately there will be no tea/coffee/water facilities at the class. Please bring your own drink if necessary.
15.At the end of the class please leave in an orderly fashion, being mindful of others entering and exiting the venue.
16. The facilities are cleaned by the venue/instructor before each class. 

Booking in Advance

As there is a limited number of places available for each class you are required to book in advance. You may book in advance from Friday 21st August.

To book your place, you can either email or text/call on 07765617143. Please send/leave a message stating your full name, the class you wish to attend, the venue, the day/date of the class and a contact number. For example: “Sophie Green, Beats, Louth Town Hall, Tuesday 1st September, 07765617143”.

You will be able to book onto the following week’s class when registering at your first class. Please do NOT just turn up as there may not be any space available for you, and risk overcrowding the venue. If you cannot attend the class for whatever reason please let me know as soon as possible, so I can offer your place to someone else. It is really important that the classes are as full as possible up to its limited number, or the class may not be viable to run on such low numbers at this time.

For BACS Details please contact Sophie.

Start Dates
Tuesday 1st September 6:30pm – BEATS £5– Louth Town Hall
Thursday 3rd September 10:30am – ENERGISE £4 – Louth Town Hall (ballroom)
Thursday 3rd September 7:30pm – LINE DANCING £5 – Louth Town Hall
Monday 7th September 10:30am – ENERGISE £4– Louth Town Hall
Monday 7th September 12:15pm – BEGINNERS LINE DANCING £5 – Louth Town Hall
Friday 11th September 1:45pm – ENERGISE £4 – Grainthorpe Village Hall
Monday 14th September 10:00am – ENERGISE £4 – Sutton on Sea Meridale Centre
Monday 14th September 11:30am – LINE DANCING £5 – Sutton on Sea Meridale Centre
Wednesday 16th September 10:45am – ENERGISE £4 – Alford Corn Exchange
Wednesday 16th September 12:00noon – ENERGISE £4 – Alford Corn Exchange

Unfortunately Great Carlton will not be reopening until 2021, please keep an eye on do-dance’s Facebook page and website for any updates regarding classes, and new opportunities. We are currently talking to Louth Riverhead Theatre regarding the Creative Dance Programme restarting as soon as possible in line with government advice. We look forward to welcoming you all back to class.


We are constantly assessing the situation regarding class re-opening after lock down due to COVID-19. We are following government advice carefully and will only re-open classes when safe to do so.

If you are missing your dance classes as much as we are, then please visit our YouTube channel where you can access online tutorials and workouts for FREE.


NEW Energise Video

30 minute Movement and Dance Workout for the over 50’s. This programme is all 1960’s music. Please check your space,work at your own pace and pause for a drink when necessary.


do-dance’s Creative Dance Class in Louth is a programme for children and young people aged 5-16!

The programme is designed to give children and young people an overall dance experience and opportunity to discover the arts. It is aimed at those who enjoy movement, dance, expression and choreography.

In the yearly programme we explore a range of dance styles including contemporary and one other.  There are performance opportunities and  throughout the year and trips to see professional work. The highlight of the year is a annual Summer Showcase  which  celebrates the diverse range of dance that do-dance offers to all ages and abilities. For this all 3 classes come together to tell a traditional story through dance, for the past 3 years do-dance has performed their version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beauty and the Beast, and Nutcracker!


This year in 2020  do-dance will be creating their own production of Peter Pan! This will be our focus over Term 4 and 5. All the children and young people will help choreograph elements of the performance which is overall directed by Sophie!

Creative dance class in Louth Riverhead Theatre on Monday evening is separated into 3 classes as follows:

4:15-5:00pm Discover Creative Dance for 5-7’s  £3.50

5:00-6:00pm Explore Creative Dance for 8-11’s £4.50

6:00-7:15pm Advance in Creative Dance for 12-16’s £5.50

Term Fees are to be paid at the beginning of each term to secure your child’s place.

To book your child’s FREE TASTER SESSION contact Sophie today



This year do-dance is looking to expand to new areas across East Lindsey and into Cleethorpes! If you know a great venue, then please do get in touch by email


do-dance specialises in providing a range of high quality creative, expressive movement, and dance opportunities for a variety of ages and abilities in rural Lincolnshire.

do-dance works with individuals and communities to produce dance experiences, including fitness classes, bespoke workshops, programmes, and parties.

Everybody deserves the opportunity to discover the way their body moves and be able to express themselves creatively through movement and dance. Creative expressive movement allows us to explore our body through movement and the different ways we can use our bodies to create and express ourselves through dance.

do-dance is a mobile business that prides itself on providing a dance movement that is on trend with some of the biggest cities across the UK and Europe, bringing it into the heart of the rural community in schools and community halls all over Lincolnshire.




Join us on:

Monday Lunchtime  12:15-1:15pm  for Beginners


Thursday evening 7:30-8:30pm for beginners/intermediate

(bar open from 7:00pm)

When starting the line dancing class in Louth, your dance tutor will ask you to fill in a Safe to Exercise Form about any medical conditions so the dance tutor can tailor the sessions accordingly. We also suggest that if you are unsure about exercising with a medical condition then you should seek medical advice before attending the class. The information collected on the Safe to Exercise Form will not be shared with others but used soley by do-dance.

Throughout the class the dance tutor will explain the different movements, and show you alternatives so you can always join in. It is important that you work at your own pace and only do what feels comfortable to you.


An hour of HIIT dance fitness class in Louth; shape, tone and condition your body whilst dancing to your favourite beats. It’s an all over body workout with High-Intensity Interval Training. Dance along to classic songs from the 60s to 2020!

Every Tuesday
6:30 till 7:30pm
Louth Town Hall
£4.00 a class

Bring a drink